Friday, January 25, 2013

To Air is human.....

What makes a cute gift?  Air plants!!
These are the perfect plant for the low maintenance 
folks!  Besides being easy to care for- they look so stunning on 
a windowsill, in a beautiful dish or bowl, accessorizing your
vintage milk glass collection... 

A few tips for keeping your air plant happy:
                        1.  Lighting should be bright but filtered (direct sunlight is a no no)                  
  2. Thoroughly wet your plant approximately 2 or 3 times a week
                               3. Air plants will not survive in standing water- so never leave an air plant soaking
  4.  Ideal climate for an air plant is 50-90 degrees F                      

Mainly, air plants just like to hang out and look really cool, so if you can handle that- 
this may be the plant for you!

beyond flowers

This book was first published around 1890, at a time when the writing of letters
was an essential part of every day life.  Though the social etiquette 
of the period is very much in evidence it only adds to it's interest  
in this time of instant communication.

Need help composing written correspondence to your love?
 Pryor publications out of the UK specialiizes 
in reprints of vintage publications- we have several books 
in the shop from Pryor- each one harkens to a bygone era,
 making for the perfect romantic gift!

In the spirit of hand written love letters,
We have many exquisite cards in stock!

We at Larkspur take pride in 
carrying beautiful letterpress stationery, exclusively.

love is in the air!!

Join us Thursday, February 7th from 6-8pm at Larkspur
 as we celebrate love and it's many expressions.

Enjoy light refreshments (sparkling love potion!), a sampling of seasonal truffles from Katherine Anne Confections and a botanical inspired sonnet reading by local writer Tim Hogan. 
 Our shop will be filled with beautiful, romantic flowers and gifts to warm the heart.
Receive a 10% discount for orders placed that evening for floral bouquets 
delivered or picked up between 2/13-2/16.

We hope you will come celebrate with us as we heat up the night!