Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Black Petals

(The Black Petals 2009, Mixed Media on Paper, 10.5 x 7.5 inches)

In Tony Fitzpatrick's book entitled "The Train:  An Artist's Journal" he writes about this work, called The Black Petals
which was inspired by the leaves of a calathea plant he purchased from Larkspur.  A passage from his book recalls:

"There is a lovely flower store across the street from my studio called Larkspur.  My friend, Beth Barnett, owns it.  Sometimes when it is gray and shitty in Chicago, which is about eight months a year, I go over there and marvel at the color and smell of her daily inventory of flowers and plants . . . it is one of those pleasures that I live for."

We love the work that Tony makes and we are so very excited that he created a mural based on The Black Petals, directly across the street on the outer fence belonging to Red Door restaurant.
Be sure to check out the mural on Damen Avenue if you are in the Bucktown area!

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